THIAPS, The International Traditional Film Photography Society is a platform for photographers who love the tactile quality of film-based images, who enjoy the wet and warm smell of developers and fixative, with a strong belief that “Film is not dead; it just smells funny.”
For those who create their photographs with 35mm, roll films, sheets and plates, with Polaroid or Liquid Light, with Large Format or any tool whatsoever, as long as chemical processing is involved.

I invite people to show their work here.
If you think that your work needs to be shown to the rest of the world, you are welcome to contact me. Visit me on FaceBook.

Frans Peter Verheyen (Publisher)I have a  lifetime experience in photography and cinematography, shot over 250 commercials and documentaries. Worked for all the big clients. Now I create what I want and I love it. Traveler, Sailor and always restless.
I live and work in Rotterdam, The Netherlands.

I do not love the smell of fixative in the morning”

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