This project isn’t about the actual photography, it’s about doing what you love.

Unlimited Grain

This is the first “year book”.

Featuring: Jacqueline Roberts, Satoshi Sakurai, Rui Pires, Gary Liggett, Silke Seybold, Roman Aytmurzin, Guy Sargent, Noriko Ohba, Scott Speck, Ineke Kamps, Katherine White, Edward Olive, Gary Auerbach, John Kiely, Milosz Wozaczynski, Flavia Schaller, Vernon Trent, Jacek Gąsiorowski, Rommel Pecson, Arek Soltysik, Frans Peter Verheyen, Matt Toynbee, Matteo Gambarini, Lucia Willems Ramírez, Alek Lindus, Alexey Belov, Tomasz Kazaniecki, Francesco Brivio, Laura Alice Watt, Claudio Santambrogio, Pierre Ollier, Ritchard Ton, Frank Morris, Deborah Parkin, Oliver Weber, Bruno Servant, Steve Korn, Toshiya Watanabe, Derrick Woo, Robert Kalman, Colin Clarke, Jody Miller, Stéphane Polteau, Marijn van Beers, Urs Bernhard, Mike Stacey, Anca Cernoschi, Vladimir Longauer, Sol Allen, Roberto Romano, James Wigger, and Irina Khorunzhaya. Thank you all!!

We don’t consider this a competion, but rather a selection of what you could have seen on the website or in the previous books.

So Much More than Photography is a book of ideas and inspiration for creative and experimental photography.

The first part of this book about photographing without following the rules while at the same time exploring new methods and ideas to approach photography.
The second part of the book shares numerous ways to present your photographs artistically such as Image transfers, texture layers, mixed media photography and so on. You will see how easy it is to take your ordinary photos to the next level and you don’t even have to attend an art school or have any special skills to utilize these creative techniques.
The third section includes an article about Print on Demand, selected entries from my photography blog, and final thoughts.

All the processes shared in the book are the product of many experiments, endless trial and errors, I made in the last couple of years. I hope you will find these techniques easy to do and most of all they will inspire you to create your own photo-art work.

A Handmade Book

A handmade book of the Symbiosis series is now being made in a very limited edition. The estimated release date is June 21, 2011 – the summer solstice. Each book will be comprised of 12 – 14 reproductions of the original mixed media pieces, printed by myself as archival pigment prints on matte paper. The images will be the same size as the originals, printed on 5×7 inch pages. The cover will be of a soft pink, reflecting both the delicate and fleshy nature of the images. The result will be something dainty and unique.